Available Photonics Experiments:

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Code Description Size in Mb   Code Description Size in Mb
  • P582 Basic Optics
P5821 Absorption and emission     P5826 Polarisation of Light  
P5822 Refraction of light     P5827 Reflection and Transmission  
P5823 Refraction through prisms     P5828 Diffraction of Light  
P5824 Refraction through lenses     P5829 Interference of Light 3.11
P5825 Double refraction of light          
  • P583 Optical Applications
P5831 Interferometer     P5836 Beam Deflection  
P5832 Refractometer 2.0   P5837 LED and Diode Laser  
P5833 Holography 3.2   P5838 Detection of Light  
P5834 Diffraction Gratings     P5839 Radio- and Photometry  
P5835 Spectral Analysis          
  • P584 Optical Imaging and Colour
P5841 Optical Filter     P5843 Camera and Imaging  
P5842 Colour Mixing     P5844 Image Projection  
  • P585 Laser Basics
P5852 Laser safety     P5855 Helium Neon Laser 3.6
P5853 Emission & Absorption 3.5   P5856 Laser frequency stabilisation  
P5854 Fabry Perot resonator 2.9        
  • P586 Solid State Laser
P5861 Diode laser 4.5   P5865 DPSSL Q-switch operation 5.4
P5862 DPSSL Nd:YAG 5.4   P5866 Pulsed diode laser  
P5863 DPSSL Frequency doubling 5.4   P5867 Micro Laser ND:YVO4  
P5864 Red Second Harmonic Generation 5.4      
  • P587 Optical Fibres
P5871 Fibre Laser 3.6   P5875 Optical time domain refelctometry (OTDR) 9.8
P5872 Plastic optical fibre (POF) 6.1   P5876 Signal transmission via optical fibre 0.8
P5873 Glass fibre optics 3.7   P5877 Fibre optics workshop 0.8
P5874 Erbium doped fibre amplifier 3.9        
  • P588 Technical Applications
P5881 Michelson Laser interferometer 4.5   P5886 Laser beam anaylysis  
P5882 Laser range finder     P5887 Open frame CD/DVD reader 1.0
P5883 Laser vibrometer     P5888 Laser light show  
P5884 Laser doppler anemometer     P5889 Bar code reader  
P5885 Laser gyroscope 2.8