Available Photonics Experiments:

P5891 Basic set of optical experiments
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  • From 20 optical experiments 11 of the most important topics are selected and combined in this kit
  • The Basic Kit comprises all components necessary for the following experiments:
TS Basics of Absorption and Emission:
Law of Refraction:
Basics of Prisms:
Basics of Lenses:
Reflection Law:
Basics of Diffraction:
Optical Gratings:
Basics of Interference:
Optical Filters:
Image Projection:
parts of OX-03
parts of OX-04
parts of OX-06
parts of OX-07
parts of OX-08
parts of OX-13
parts of OX-09
OX-16 (without IR-experiments)

  • OX-Basic set of the OX series (P5891) consisting of:
13L-03921BNC cable with twin banana plug, 1 m
24B-00601Planoconvex lens f=60 mm, C25 mount
34B-01001Biconcave lens f=-20 mm, � 10 mm, C25 mount
44B-04701Half wedge plate, C25 mount
54B-04901Fresnel zone plate, C25 mount
64B-05001Fabry Perot, C25 mount
74B-06101Achromat f=40 mm, C25 mount
84B-06201Biconvex lens, f=60 mm, free opening 18 mm, click 25
94B-06301Front surface mirror in click 25 mm
104B-06401Biconvex lens f=150 mm, C25 mount
114B-06502Biconvex lens f=100 mm, � 22.4 mm, C25 mount
124B-06601Optical quartz plate, click 25
134B-06701Set of 3 fluorescent filters
144B-07101Set of 10 optical filters
154B-07201Beam expander magnification 6x
164B-09001Beam fan 5 x mounted in C25
174F-18081Test slide #22
184K-T6001T - grating 600 l/mm
19ED-00101Adaptive power supply APS-05
20ED-02001Photodetector Si PIN
21LS-00101LED white in C25 housing
22LS-00501LED blue in C25 housing
23LS-01101DIMO diode laser module, 532 nm
24MC-00021Profile Rail MG-65, 200 mm
25MC-00031Profile rail MG-65, 300 mm
26MC-00051Profile rail MG-65, 500 mm
27MC-00601Mounting plate 40, rotator, carrier 20 mm
28MC-01001Screen holder on carrier 20
29MC-01101Optical screen, 40 x 80 mm without scale
30MC-01121Screen 80 x 40 mm, horizontal and vertical scale
31MC-01801Click mount 25 mm, 0.5 mm aperture
32TP-00301Digital multimeter 3 1/2 digits
33XM-01201Polarisation analyzer with mounting plate and rotation assembly
34XM-01801Carrier with magnetic beam block on post
35XM-01902Plate holder on carrier 20
36XM-02901Set of mounts for polarisation
37XM-03001Reflection assembly, basic
38XM-03101Beam track display, 50 mm
39XM-03201Beam track display, 100 mm
40XM-03501Refraction assembly, basic
41XM-06101Absorption unit
42XM-09401Optical grating assembly
43XM-09501Optical slit plate assembly
44XM-10902Mounting plate C25 with carrier 20 mm
45XM-11002Mounting plate, including carrier 20 mm , C30
46XM-11101Adjustment holder, 4 axes, carrier 20 mm
47XM-11201Lens demonstrator assembly
48XM-11301Adjustment holder 40 mm on carrier 20 mm