Available Photonics Experiments:

P5887 Open frame CD/DVD-player PDF Download page

  • NIR and blue diode laser
  • Beam bending and focusing
  • CD Structure, pits and land
  • Detection of light
  • CD control system
  • CD signals
  • Examples of investigations and measurements
Optical detector signal
An open frame CD / DVD reader is prepared in such a way that the top has been exchanged by a translucent cover and the most important optical and electronic signals has been made accessible. For this purpose a buffer amplifier system for the individual signals is provided having mini BNC socket outlets to connect via the provided connection cable to the optional oscilloscope.
The oscilloscope track shown on the right side has been recorded with the test signals of the provided CD-ROM. The lower track shows the signal from “OPTICAL DETECTOR” and the upper track the “AUDIO TTL” signal also termed as S/PDIF
Analog outputs
On the provided test CD a stereo sinusoidal audio signal is stored with two different frequencies. Once the analogue signal output has been activated by the operating system of the attached computer these signals can be monitored via the output of the connection panel.
It can be seen, that two different frequencies are used and at a closer look the digitising steps become visible.
Any other combination of signals can be displayed depending on the aims of the experiment.
Further signals available at the connection panel are the error signals of the focusing unit as well as for the track control.
  • P5887 Open frame CD/DVD-player consisting of:
13L-02902BNC mini to BNC connection leads 1m
28X-XP241Manual CD/DVD ROM
3XM-08501Open frame CD-player on base plate
4XS-XP261CD ROM with measuring signals