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P5876 Signal transmission via 5000 m optical fibre
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  • Video Audio over optical glass fibre
  • Fibre transmitter
  • CCD Camera
  • 5 km Optical multimode fibre
  • Fibre receiver
  • Examples of investigations and measurements
OX Setup of the sender site
An optical fibre (3) with a length of 5000 m is wound up on a spool with a patch panel for the connection with ST connectors. On the sender site a transmitter (1) for audio and video signal transfer is connected to the fibre (3). A CCD camera (5) and a CD player (6) are used as video and audio source respectively. Optionally the fibre coupling module (8) is used to demonstrate and train fibre coupling online.
OX Fibre coupling module
The unit is connected via a fibre patch cable (4) from module (K) to the transmitter (1) and from module (N) to the optical fibre line (3). The module L is used to collimate the from the fibre emerging light. The module (M) consists of a 4 axes adjustment holder with a microscope objective to focus the light back to the fibre of module N. The fibre of module N is mounted on top of a translation stage do adjust the distance between the objective and the fibre face in such a way that best coupling efficiency is achieved. The quality of the adjustment can be monitored by the photodetector which has a ST connector in the front and a BNC connection at the rear so that an oscilloscope can be connected and used as monitor.
OX Setup of the receiver site
If the optional fibre coupling module is not available the fibre is directly connected to the receiver module (2). The speaker as well as the TV monitor is connected to the unit and the image of the CCD camera becomes visible and the music of the CD player becomes audible.
OX Fibre coupling module of the receiver site
This module is useful for demonstrating the fibre to fibre coupling without intermediate optical treatment of the light. One fibre is mounted fix into its holder (P) whereby the other fibre is attached to a 4 axes adjustment holder.
Firstly the distance of the fibres is chosen as close as possible and the module (O) aligned for strongest signal. The quality of the signal is either monitored on the TV screen or by using the photodetector which is plugged to the module P using an oscilloscope.
  • P5876 Signal transmission via optical glass fibre consisting of:
12E-08801Optical transmitter with ST fibre connection
22E-08901Optical receiver with ST fibre connection
34B-01801Optical glass fibre, length 5000 m, core 50 �m multi mode
44G-02402Fibre Patch cable ST connector on both sides, length 1 m
58X-XP221Manual Data transmission via optical fibre
6TP-01201CCD Camera, coloured
7TP-01221CD player incl. music CD
8TP-01301Flat panel TV 20 inch
 TP-01001Oscilloscope 100 MHz digital, two channel
 XM-08401Fibre coupling module