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P5872 Plastic optical fibre (POF) PDF Download page

  • Plastic optical fibre
  • Dual LED modulator
  • Dual colour LED head
  • Y POF coupler (WDM)
  • Signal transmission
  • Dichroic beam splitter
  • Si Photodetector
  • Wavelength dependant losses
Principle of operation:
The radiation of the blue and red LED is merged and launched into the plastic optical fibre by means of the Y coupler. The lens (L1) focuses the radiation after passing the fibre onto the two photo detectors (“blue”) and (“red”). The dichroic beam splitter plate separates the radiation into the initial two wavelength ranges blue and red. The quality of the channel separation depends mainly on the separation quality of the dichroic beam splitter.
  • Examples of investigations and measurements
Preparing the fibre
The experimental kit provides all tools and materials to train the preparation of the plastic optical fibre like cutting, stripping (A), assembling the F-SMA connector (B) and polishing support as well as polishing (C). For the polishing fine grinding and polishing paper are provided. A comprehensive explanation on professional grinding and polishing of plastic optical fibre is given inside the manual which comes along with the kit.
A B C  
Characterising the LED
Two independent LED, one emitting in the blue and the other one in the red spectral range. Both LED are attached to the input of a Y - coupler in such a way that both emissions are coupled into one optical fibre. This arrangement is built into one housing (11) having one F-SMA fibre connector. The dual LED head is inserted into its holder (13) which is placed close to the detection unit (15). The dual LED head is further connected to the dual channel transmitter (10) allowing the individual control of injection current and modulation of each LED. The aim of this measurement is the characterization of the LED, demonstration of a WDM (wavelength division multiplexing) and WDDM (wavelength division de-multiplexing).
Measuring the attenuation of the plastic optical fibre
The set-up is modified in such a way that the plastic fibre holder with XY-adjustment is added. The output of the inserted fibre (5) is measured for the provided three different length of the plastic optical fibre. From the recorded values the attenuation of the fibre is determined. In addition two or three fibres can be coupled together by means of the provided F-SMA coupler (1) and the losses of the connectors determined.
In additional measurements the crosstalk of the setup is determined and the component identified causing the crosstalk.
  • P5872 Plastic Fibre Optics (XP-1800) consisting of:
12E-07402Coupler F-SMA for POF
23L-02902BNC mini to BNC connection leads 1m
33L-04201Connection cable 7 pin jack on both sides
43T-00121Wall Mount Power Adapter 12V/12W
54B-02011Plastic optical fibre, length 10 m
64B-02021Plastic optical fibre, length 20 m
74B-02031Plastic optical fibre, length 30 m
84B-02301F-SMA connector mounting set
9ED-00401Dual channel receiver PFR-040
10ED-00501Dual channel transmitter PFD-030
11LS-02001Dual LED - FSMA
12MC-02601Profile Rail MG 65, 500 mm
13XM-02301Mounting assembly for dual LED head
14XM-02401Plastic fibre holder with XY-adjustment
15XM-02501Mounting cube, focusing optics, dichroitic beam splitter, 2 photo diodes