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P5844 Image projection
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  • Light source and condenser
  • Imaging objective
  • Image generation
  • Vignetting
  • Impact on image
  • Examples of investigations and measurements
OX Set-up of the image projector
As light source a white emitting LED with an optical power of 3 W is used. The emission is collimated by means of the lens (1) having a focal length of 40 mm. The test slide (8) is placed in front of the collimating lens in such a way that in connection with the imaging lens (2) a clear image is created on the white screen (10) or on an adjacent wall.
Using the lenses (4,5) in addition and measuring the distances of the optical components to each other the lens equations are verified, the magnification determined and the 2f or 4 f arrangements discussed.
By using the adjustable iris at different locations the impact on the intensity and depth of sharpness are explored.
OX White light source
The white light source (8) consists of a high brightness LED. The spectrum of the lamp is shown in the figure on the left. Beside a peak at 440 nm a broad range from 500 to 700 nm is available.
The light source is connected to the adaptive power supply (7) which allows the variation of the injection current and that way the intensity of the emitted light.
The divergent radiation is collimated by means of a lens (1) having a focal length of 40 mm.
OX Test slide #22
This slide allows to check the spatial as well as colour resolution of imaging devices. The slide has the regular dimension of 50 x 50 x 3 mm. The centre structure is designed in accordance with the so called “Siemens star”. It is used to analyse the resolution of the imaging device by determining the “grey circle” of the centre of unresolved lines.
  • P5844 Image Projection consisting of:
14B-00401Plano-convex lens f=40 mm, C25 mount
24B-00601Planoconvex lens f=60 mm, C25 mount
34B-02601Iris aperture, 36 mm, C50 mount
44B-06401Biconvex lens f=150 mm, C25 mount
54B-06501Biconvex lens f=100 mm, � 22.4 mm, C25 mount
64F-18081Test slide #22
7ED-00101Adaptive power supply APS-05
8LS-00101LED white in C25 housing
9MC-01001Screen holder on carrier 20
10MC-01101Optical screen, 40 x 80 mm without scale
11MC-02601Optical rail MG 65, 500 mm
12XM-10902Mounting plate C25 with carrier 20 mm
13XM-11081Mounting plate C50 with carrier 20 mm
14XM-11101Adjustment holder, 4 axes, carrier 20 mm