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P5841 Optical Filter PDF Download page

  • Absorption
  • Lambert-Beer’s law
  • Neutral density filter
  • Colour filter high and low band
  • Infrared filter
  • Dichroitic filter
  • Examples of investigations and measurements
OX Neutral density, coloured and infrared filter
The emission of a white light source (LED 10) will be separated by an optical grating and can be observed on the white screen with scale (2). The beam of the white LED is collimated with the lens (3). In the collimated beam filters (13) will be placed and the change in the spectrum is be observed and detected by the photodiode (9). The reading of the intensity is done by a digital meter which is switched into the µA Mode to obtain a linear relation to the photo current. The change of the spectrum is compared to the provided filter curves.
OX Interference filter
An interference filter is an optical filter composed out of multiple layers with different indexes of refraction forming a kind of Fabry Perot cavity however with a much broader transmission bandwidth. The centre wavelength of the interference filter used here (4) is 550 nm with a bandwidth of 10 nm. When the interference filter is tilted with respect to the incidence beam, the transmission peak changes.
The filter is placed in front of the collimated white light beam with subsequent optical filters also to check their transmission at 550 nm.
  • P5841 Optical Filter consisting of:
12B-02241Mounting plate 40, C25
22B-11341Optical screen with XY scale on block
34B-00401Plano-convex lens f=40 mm, C25 mount
44B-05001Fabry Perot, C25 mount
54B-07001Set of 8 optical filters
64K-T6001T - grating 600 l/mm
74LBX0601Biconvex lens f = 60 mm, � 22.4 mm, C25 mount
8ED-00101Adaptive power supply APS-05
9ED-02101PIN Photodetector, BPX61 with connection leads
10LS-00101LED white in C25 housing
11LS-00601LED NIR in C25 housing
12MC-00031Profile rail MG-65, 300 mm
13MC-01001Screen holder on carrier 20
14TP-00301Digital multimeter 3 1/2 digits
15XM-02101Triple swivel unit
16XM-10903Mounting plate C25 with carrier 20 mm
17XM-11101Adjustment holder, 4 axes, carrier 20 mm