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P5836 Beam deflection PDF Download page

  • Beam deflection by prisms
  • Beam splitting cubes
  • Beam splitting plates
  • Polarizing beam splitter
  • Corner cube retroreflector
  • Principle of periscope
  • Principle of binocular
  • Examples of investigations and measurements
OX Beam deflection by prisms
As light source a laser is used which emits a wavelength of 532 nm and is controlled by the adaptive power supply (6). In the first series of experiments the beam deflection by prisms is demonstrated. Single (1) and double reflection (2) inside the prisms are studied and the offset of a retro -reflected beam is measured by means of the white screen with scale (13).
Both prisms are mounted on rods with a magnet at the bottom so that they can be positioned freely on the carrier with magnetic top layer (9,10). One of the provided prism (1) is mounted horizontally and the other one (2) vertical allowing a vertical and horizontal retro reflection.
OX Beam splitting and deflection
Another important component is the beam splitter plate (3) and beam splitter cube (4) which are also mounted on posts with magnetic bottom. The beam deflection and the deviation of the transmitted beam is measured.
In the same way the beam splitter cube is investigated revealing the fact that no offset of the transmitted beam will be observed.
Both components are important for a variety of application one of it is their use in laser interferometer.

Beam deflection by triple reflection in a corner cube
If one cuts a corner off a quadratic cube gets the important optical components of a triple reflector. Every light beam, which is led into the corner of this cube under any given angle, goes through three different reflections (A,B,C) and is finally reflected back into the same direction. There is, however, an offset between the incoming and outgoing beam, which is dependent on the place in the triple reflector onto which it falls.
Such a component is important in laser interferometry as well as in geodesy.

  • P5836 Beam deflection consisting of:
14B-10101Prism 20 mm on post, horizontal
24B-10201Prism 20 mm on post, vertical
34B-10301Beam splitter plate 15x20 mm on post
44B-10401Neutral beam splitter cube 10 mm on post
54B-10501Triple reflector on post
6ED-00101Adaptive power supply APS-05
7LS-01101DIMO diode laser module, 532 nm
8MC-00021Profile Rail MG-65, 200 mm
9MC-00402Carrier with magnetic top
10MC-00441Carrier T-piece with magnetic top
11MC-01002Screen holder on carrier 20
12MC-01121Screen 80 x 40 mm, horizontal and vertical scale
13MC-01141Screen 80 x 40 mm, dual scale, hole 3 mm
14MC-02601Optical rail MG 65, 500 mm
15XM-11101Adjustment holder, 4 axes, carrier 20 mm